Sunday, March 2, 2008

organic layette

I didn't understand the purpose of organic clothing at first. It wasn't something I put in my body so why does it matter. Well it matters because cotton that is not organic is exposed to all kinds of chemicals and then touches our skin. Eventually you wash all those chemicals out but who knows how long that takes.

Now I am the first to admit my children do not wear all organic clothing, but I love the idea of a nice organic layette set. Newborn skin is so precious and sensitive, what better time to pamper it with some super soft organic layette. The set pictured above by Tea Collection is my all time favorite. This is the new print for this spring, but Gracie lived in the print that was out prior to this one (very similar). It was super sweet on her, and she always looked so comfy in it. If this sweet outfit was clean, it was always the first one I grabbed.

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