Wednesday, March 19, 2008

win win wednesday! a year subscription to kiwi magazine!

Kiwi Magazine Giveaway Contest!
Enter to win a free Kiwi Magazine subscription!

*Reposting! Contest doesn't end until March 31st! If you don't have a blog, just email the contest to three friends!*

My favorite "green" magazine has offered a free one year subscription to one of my lucky readers! Here is how you can win:

1. Click below and follow directions.

2. Leave me a comment and tell us your favorite green tip or one thing you are doing to be a little more green!

Click here and enter to win!

Good Luck! Winner will be announced March 31st!

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Nathan, Kimberly and Lucy said...

Hey Stephanie - 2 Things I'm doing to be a little "greener."

1. I bought "green" bags at my local grocery store. I try to remember them. If I don't, then I ask for paper bags.

2. I've greatly reduced the amount of paper towels I use. It's been good - I can tell I've saved money too!

Thanks for your website - It's helped me!

Heidi said...

Another great tip is reusing items before you recycle them! Try finding another use for something before you recycle it. Here are some examples of things my family and I do: using junk mail for writing notes on or scrap paper for my son, using plastic yogurt or other plastic containers from the kitchen to start seeds in for our garden this summer, freezing water in a milk jug and taking it with us to drink out of reusable cup—also freezing a whole jug of water for myself and taking it out in the morning and getting 8+ cups of water a day—a great reminder to drink a good amount of water each day because the jug is looking at you on the counter/table/desk, milk jugs also work nice for covering plants after you transplant them to protect them--just cut out the bottom and put over the plant--burying it into the ground a bit so it doesn’t blow away, plastic bags from bread, cereal, ect. can be used in small garbage containers or in the vehicle for garbage—empty them out into your kitchen garbage for more uses if they don’t have anything wet in them, using plastic bags from bread, cereal, ect. instead of using Ziploc baggies and for giving friends veggies from the garden, and using jars for storing dried beans, grains, flour, sugar, ect in. Then when these things get worn out from their second or plus usage, we’ll recycle them!

I also posted a couple of comments on some of your past blogs. I commented on your paper towel post and thought I would mention this again since a lot of people seem to want to rid themselves of paper towels, WAY TO GO! One thing I do for cleaning mirrors and windows is use newspaper, so I don’t have to use paper towels. We get an advertiser newspaper every week, so it is free and newspaper doesn’t streak to boot! I know you could recycle that newspaper, but someone pointed out to me that even recycling does take up energy, so if you can find another use for it and avoid using, say paper towels, you are saving trees from avoiding buying the paper towels and saving a bit of energy from the paper towels being made and recycling the newspaper which you found another use for.

I love reading your green blog!

Kate said...

Thanks for the great tips!

In keeping with my Beetle-themed baby blog: My favorite tip is to make sure my tires are inflated to the right pressure (it really does make a big difference in gas mileage!). Also, not zooming away like I'm a NASCAR racer at stoplights helps, too. :)