Thursday, March 6, 2008

a safer sippy

By now I think we have pretty much all heard about the dangers of BPA (bisphenol A) in our plastics. But for some reason, I can never remember when I am on the sippy cup aisle what numbers are good, what numbers are bad. Which brands are safe and which of those safe cups will my little one actually take. Well I have found the site to help me sort it all out! The Soft Landing is a great online shopping resource that prides itself in feeding babies safely. They sell everything from sippys and bottles to bibs and utensils. They even sell great water bottles for adults so we can all quit throwing plastics away!

Be sure to also check out the "learn" section and the blog. There is tons of useful information about the safety of plastics listed there. Safe sipping to you all!

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Amber said...

Yeah for Safe Sippys! Hmmm, or is it "sippies"?

CRL said...

Thanks for the link, what a helpful site. I had bought a Nuby straw cup and it leaked like crazy. So I went back and completely mixed up which was the safe recycling code to look for, and wound up with Playtex which are of course not safe. I just bought a Sigg and want to try the Foogo too.

Oh, and thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I'm really enjoying your site, lots of great recommendations!

C from

charlie&gracie said...

Thanks C for stopping by! I too am loving your site! happy to have you on my blogroll!

tara said...

ZRecommends is another site that has done some awesome research on the subject - including a BPA wallet card!