Wednesday, March 5, 2008

cloth diapers really do save money

A lot of people who are cloth curious are worried about the initial start up cost and whether or not they will really save money. My sweet friend just sent me a link to an awesome cloth diaper calculator. It allows you to put in your costs with disposables and figure out how much cloth will save you. There is one part that puts in the expense for diaper genie refills, but she said she substituted the cost of wipes there. Click the link above to access the calculator. The calculator is provided by a great resource site called The Diaper Pin.

The Diaper Pin provides reviews on cloth diapers, a wonderful FAQ section, forums to chat with other moms about diapers, and sales from different online vendors and so much more. Its definitely a site worth perusing.

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LaMamaNaturale' said...

What an awesome site! I love it. Very cute and informative. I'm new to the blogging world...check out La Mama Naturale- I would like to mention your site in a blog! Great minds think alike! : ) Way cool.

charlie&gracie said...

La Mama Naturale-

Thanks for the comment! We would love for you to mention us! I love hearing from other "green mamas"!