Monday, January 28, 2008

yummy organic fruit snacks

Charlie loves fruit snacks. Unfortunately, I am not such a big fan. Most are full of sugar, artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup. Much to his delight, I have found a great organic fruit snack called FruitaBu. Charlie loves the twirly ones and so do I!

Here are some facts about FruitaBu:
  • One twirl is a whole serving of fruit
  • Over 90% real fruit and fruit juice in each serving
  • Organic, all natural fruit snack with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • All sugar comes naturally from fruit

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Paul's Mom said...

Sounds delicious! Yesterday I found Nature's Promise Organic Honey Graham Sticks at Stop & Shop. They are perfect for my 9 month old because they are not too hard - they sort of crumble when you bite into them, so they break up nicely and don't pose a choking hazard (Of course I don't let him eat them without me watching like a hawk). Also, their size makes them nice for little hands to hold. He loved them!

charlie&gracie said...

we love graham cracker sticks too! I haven't ever gotten the ones you mentioned, we have only had the Earth's Best Elmo ones. Both my 10 month old and my three year old love them!

deemonty said...

These sound great! I have never been able to find a fruit snack with no added sugar. Where did you find them?

charlie&gracie said...

I have found them at Target, Publix, Walmart. Most of the stores have them with all the other fruit snacks, so try checking there! Charlie loves them and thinks they are a huge treat!

deemonty said...