Thursday, January 17, 2008

wear your baby

Baby wearing is becoming more and more popular. When I was pregnant with Charlie the Baby Bjorn was the "thing" you had to have. While I even used my bjorn this time around, once your baby puts on a few pounds they start to get too heavy! So I began exploring more about baby wearing. My next adventure was with a sling. I love my slings, especially when Gracie was tiny, but again, at 17 lbs. I can only wear her for so long! So I discovered something new again (I have a shopping problem.... I am well aware!). I just received my Beco Baby Carrier! I am super excited! The Beco can be worn as a front carrier or a back carrier, but offers much more support than a sling. Its great for older babies and toddlers.

There are many benefits to baby wearing. Being hands free is one of my top reasons. I can wear Gracie and still play with Charlie. Babies also are happier when they are close to you, so baby wearing tends to reduce crying, and we can all use a little less of that! You can read more about the benefits of baby wearing here!

The Beco patterns are super cute and so hard to pick just one. I had to choose though, so this is what I got! ETA: The Beco can carry babies from newborn to toddlers up to 40lbs!

* All Images come from Beco


Anonymous said...

Do you have any thoughts on the Beco vs. the Ergo? I have tried the Ergo and like it but the Beco sure it cuter :o)


charlie&gracie said...


I tried both the Beco and the Ergo back to back at a Koala Mamas meeting. The Beco is a lighter carrier. I could totally feel the weight difference between the two. And they are super cute too!


Heidi said...

We have an Ergo and I love ours! The Beco's patterns are very cute and the style of the carrier looks very similar to the Ergo! However one of the reasons I got the Ergo is so my husband could wear it. And he has sure worn it! He wears it all the time when he is with us out and about. I believe my hubby and daughter have a strong bond because of it, so much so, that my daughter is not only a mommy's girl, but equally a daddy's girl! I wish we would have had one when my son was a baby/tot!

PAXbaby said...

I am a HUGE Beco fan :) They are so pretty, made in the USA, and easy to use! The Butterfly II satisfies all my baby wearing needs for my new baby!