Wednesday, January 9, 2008

today I am lime green.....

Well my new grocery bags from Publix are anyway! Publix is now offering reusable grocery bags for only 99 cents a bag! I picked up three but as I got to the check out thought I might need one more. I mentioned it to the cashier and he looked at my stuff and said, "no, you can probably get all this in just two bags". REALLY?! Publix claims their Green Bags can hold three to four times what one plastic bag. Not only does this help the environment ....but it also saves me trips to the car! They seem really durable with a reinforced bottom. They come in three colors, bright green, black and one other, maybe the green pictured below, but I don't remember. I am super excited about my new bags and hope you will pick some up

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EWeigle said...
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EWeigle said...

Whole Foods has some great ones as well.....we love our "Better Bags" of theirs that are fun colors and made of 80% recycled plastic bottles. They are a great size as well, I am always amazed at how much they hold! Whole foods also deducts $.10 per bag , and $.05 per reusable bag that's not theirs.

Love the website Steph!


charlie&gracie said...


Thanks for the comment! I love that so many stores are starting to offer reusable bags! And I love it even more if they are cute!

Anne said...

I saw reusable bags for sale at Target yesterday, for 99 cents. They zipped up really small. I plan on getting one to try out, and will add to my collection! I have some bulky canvas bags that are great for carrying things, but I am bad about not using them enough because they take up so much space when not in use. I reuse or recycle all the plastic bags we get, at least!

charlie&gracie said...


I got one of those yesterday!! They had three different types. The one I got folded up into the size of a checkbook. I just stuck in my diaper bag. I love all these retailers starting to offer reusable bags!