Thursday, January 10, 2008

a little sneaky, a little deceptive

I received two copies of Deceptively Delicious for Christmas and my birthday. If you haven't heard of this book yet, it was written by Jessica Seinfeld (Jerry's wife). She basically purees veggies and sneaks them into popular kid foods to help get more healthy veggies into her kids. I have made several things from there and so far am impressed, so I returned my extra copy and got a copy of The Sneaky Chef. The Sneaky Chef claims to be the originator of this puree idea and I guess its kind of a bad situation between the two authors. Regardless of the legal drama, I really like both books for different reasons. One of the things I really like about The Sneaky Chef is there is an abundance of information on feeding children, getting children to eat, pros to going organic, etc.

So here is a tidbit that I thought was facinating from The Sneaky Chef:

"An Emory University study asked twenty three children to go organic, and after only three days, the kids' bodies no longer showed traces of two common pesticides: malathion and chlopyrifos. Once the kids went back to their usual diet, the chemicals returned."

We have slowly made the change to eat more and more organic. The more I learn, the more organic we seem to be going!!

I highly recommend both books to encourage your little ones to eat more veggies (and maybe the big people in your house too!).

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