Thursday, January 24, 2008

great deal for organic formula!

Sass is still nursing but at night she takes a few ounces of formula to top her off. She also takes formula if I leave her with anyone for a while now that my stash is gone and I am so over pumping!! I really wanted her to have organic formula, because I am a firm believer in kids having as much hormone free dairy as possible. The first can I bought was a name brand organic formula....$28 for the can!! OUCH! Well, I did some research and found WalMarts Parents Choice Organic Formula for only $14 a can!! What a difference! I just wanted to share this because I know a lot of moms want to buy organic for their kids, but sometimes it can be so much more expensive. While I am thrilled to still be breastfeeding Sass, I think this is a great option for moms who can't or aren't breastfeeding for whatever reason.

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Katie said...

Yes, I have to strongly agree that Wal-mart has wonderful formula at GREAT prices! Unfortunately, my daughter had to be on a soy-based formula once I stopped nursing so I cannot do the organic formula which I'd wanted to do. But I find that the Wal-mart is just as good as the name brands.