Tuesday, November 27, 2007

starting fresh

With the new year approaching my goal for my family is to go a little greener. I am not by any means professing to be the "queen of green" but I am doing as much as I can and know. I am constantly online these days learning a little more about going green. So this blog will journal my journeys of going green with my kids. I will write about cloth diapers, organic foods, and tips around the house. Hopefully any one who reads this might just go a little greener too because of something I have posted. That's how this whole going green thing is suppose to work right, I learn from someone, you learn from me, someone else learns from you and before you know it all those little changes start adding up and our world will just be a little nicer for our kids! The way I see it is as a Christian this is my duty. The Lord gave me my body to treat as a temple, but He also gave us this beautiful earth and I want to glorify Him by treating it well.

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The Roaming Southerner said...

Stepho, I have to admit I am curious about cloth diapering, but it seems like a foriegn concept (much like homeschooling, and life with no t.v.: I know people who do it and love it but it seems so "out there")...oh, and No, I don't have a baby yet...just thinking ahead :-)

The Roaming Southerner said...

my question was, how did you decide and is it a hard switch?

charlie&gracie said...


First off thanks for leaving me comments! Second the switch was not hard at all and I love it! We still use 7th generation disposables for certain occasions (such as visiting someone's house for the weekend), but I love our cloth!