Monday, July 12, 2010

wow what a morning!

today was a day for the record books for us. bubbie started "manly man" camp this morning. today was pirate day. he was excited. we get to the church to drop him off. we notice right off that the lobby is smokey, but have our worries calmed by being told they were using a fog machine to practice for a show. so i heave up the stairs with an 18lb baby on my hip and two little ones by my side to the third floor. just as we get up there, the fire alarms start going off, strobe lights and all and we are told to head down the stair well, so me and my three climb back down three floors to get outside. luckily the it was just because the fog machines had set off the alarm, but off we were to climb up the three flights of stairs again. i start to wonder if i can write this off as my exercise for the day. bubbie successfully gets dropped off to camp and we are on our way.

the little guys and i stop to do an errand on the way home. mr. bear is beat and so ready for a nap, so as soon as we get back home i run to change his diaper and get ready to throw him into the bed. he surprises me with a poop diaper, so i leave him for just a second to clean it out and throw it in the pail when it dawns on me that i might not have clicked the gate all the way (being that i had planned to just throw him in the bed). just as i head that way to check i hear the worlds worst sound... my baby tumbling down the steps. now thankfully, we have a spilt stair case, so it's only six steps to the landing, then six more. and they are carpeted, two things that worked in his favor. i immediately scooped him up and comforted him and he calmed down pretty quickly, so i was thinking that he had been protected and we were blessed to escape what could have been a lot worse. well we are blessed that he wasn't seriously injured, but as soon as i put him down to crawl and he went to bear weight on his right arm, i saw him just crumble under the weight and knew something was wrong. i was sure he had a broken arm or wrist. super dad raced home and my sweet friends came to my rescue taking care of sass and getting bubbie from camp so off to children's we went. six horrible xrays later (xraying a 10 month olds arms in six different positions is kind of like wrestling a wet cat, he was MAD), my nursed and now napping baby was diagnosed with a hairline fracture in his clavicle. thank you Jesus for protecting him and letting that be all! unfortunately there is not much we can do for him, but let him have some motrin and heal up. he is already figuring out how to bear most of his weight on the other arm and is on the move again, but boy this mama has had a long day!
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Katie said...

Oh no Steph! Sorry to hear that. Hope the little guy gets to feeling better soon.

The Roaming Southerner said...

ugh...that is awful steph! i am so sorry but so glad everyone is doing well now