Thursday, July 8, 2010

simple snack mix

if your pantry ever clutters up like mine does (okay maybe yours never looks as bad as mine does) than this is the simple recipe you have been looking for that your kids will gobble up! you know all those almost empty boxes of snacks and cereal that clutter up your shelves? well i've started keeping this cereal tub full of "snack mix". i take all those almost gone snacks like cheerios, raisins, annie's bunnies and throw them all in the tub and give it a little shake! i also occasionally add a little treat like chocolate chips or m &ms in there for an extra surprise. the kids think it's the biggest treat to get snack mix and i end up with a less cluttered pantry (not that my pantry would EVER be cluttered, no never!). it's a win win!

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