Friday, September 4, 2009


In case you haven't notice, the past week or so posts around here having gotten a little spotty as to when they show up. I want to be a diligent blogger I really do, but when you feel and look like a hungry hungry hippo and are anxiously waiting around for the arrival of your newest child, blogging sometimes just isn't on the top of the priority list.

Here is what has been on my priority list this week:
  • packed a hospital bag for me and for new baby
  • typed up the kiddos schedule from last Sunday until next Sunday just incase I had to jet off to have a baby real quick
  • bought and sent in snack to sass' class cause wouldn't you know my snack day is the day after I deliver (aren't I on top of things!)
  • purchase and had my mom's birthday present wrapped since her bday is like a week after baby is born
  • washed cloth diapers, stuffed g diapers
  • went on a shopping spree to BRU to get all the last minute essentials for baby (and why in the heck does NO one have 0+ month mam pacis in stock... has there been an influx of newborns needing these, it's the only one my other two would take and I'm on the hunt, specifically for latex ones!)
  • shopped and had lunch with some great friends while our kids were at school, we laughed a lot and it was great!
  • purchased and wrapped "happies" from the baby to the big kids
  • started packing up summer clothes, yes i know it's still 90 degrees here in the hot south but there something wrong about wearing flamingos or sand pails on your dress in September
  • and I actually cooked a huge meal for my family once this week, yup once, that's all. Other than that we have had mac and cheese, grilled cheese or pancakes for dinner. My kids think this has been the best week ever! LOL!
Today I have my final OB visit. Today is also how far I was in my pregnancy when my water broke with Sass. Tomorrow is how far along I was when my water broke with Bubbie. So if I haven't had a baby by Sunday, this will officially be my longest pregnancy ever! At this point I hope I make it until Wednesday, so new baby can have a super fun birthday (and one I won't forget!). Until then I go around town feeling like a walking time bomb and planning my escape route in my mind just in case my water breaks where ever it is I am at the time!

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Lisa said...

I love it!! I hope you stay as comfortable as possible before the new baby arrives!! I can't wait to find out if it's a B or G!! Have a great Friday!!

Michele said...

Today is the day! Glad you got everything taken care of this week! :)

Lu said...

Oh wow! You sound like me.... so much to do, but yet.... the only thing on your mind is "when is my water gonna break?!" My water broke with Bubbie around 39 weeks and with Peanut around 37 weeks, so I'm right in between. Every weird feeling or ache makes me think..."is this it?" I hate this waiting game!

Your list of things that you've gotten done is great! Keep up the good work!!! Hopefully I'll get some last minute things done this weekend!

Good luck!