Tuesday, September 1, 2009

H1N1 vaccine - what are your thoughts

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, I am sure you have heard all about the H1N1 vaccine. Under normal circumstances this would be a no brainer for me. I'm not for trying out new vaccines on my children and myself without knowing all I can about them. But this fall isn't normal for us. I will have two children in preschool and a newborn at home. Being a new mother puts me in the "high risk" category for the vaccine. I won't tell you my thoughts on it just yet, as I am still reading and researching as much as I can, but I would love for you to share your thoughts.

How do you feel about this vaccine? Will you get it? Will your children? Why or why not?

Let's chat~ leave me a comment and share your thoughts!

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Leigh Anne said...

we will not get it. i feel the risks of the new vaccine are more than the risks of the virus itself. most cases are mild. i've known many people who've had it and were completely fine after a few days. that being said, i'm a sahm and only have one child. though i'm ttc. even if i get pg, i will not get the vax. it's just too new.

dr sears' website has good info on it.


the second article down i think.

good luck with making your decision. these are difficult ones to make IMO.

Kristi said...

Once it's available I plan on getting it, for me and my husband (we both work in healthcare and will be considered at risk). I also plan on vaccinating my kids if it's available for them. (I've already talked to their pedi about it, we've seen several cases at the hospital where we both work and the threat of bringing it home to my boys scares me). However, our case may be more extreme, with my husband and I both being healthcare workers in close contact with patients. I'm still researching what the CDC is saying for healthcare workers and their families, and I trust my pediatrician very much. He often shares with us what he does with his own children since we're in similar situations and I appreciate that!!
On another note, my nephew was hospitalized with "regular" influenza 2 years ago at 2 years old and it was very scary!!

Good luck with your decision. Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions (I'm a pharmacist and my husband is a critical care RN, both working at a hospital). there is an email link in my blog!!!

Morgan said...

I was just thinking the same thing about the flu and H1N1. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'll probably talk to the ped before I make my decision. Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

After a lot of research and discussion with my pediatrician, father who is an OBGYN and sister who is a pediatrician and epidimiologist for the CDC, I WILL be giving this vaccine to Ethan and I. Given the history of massive influenza outbreaks and the population who is most vulnerable - the very young, very old and pregnant women.....I feel that the risks of not giving him this vaccine far outweigh the risks of not giving it to him. I can't always control who he (and James and I) are exposed to.

GranolaMom4God said...

Only 4 comments so far! This should be a hot topic! I definitely have some opinions on it, but alas no time to share tonight! Thanks for stopping by! I'm praying for you and your baby!

Anonymous said...

My mom wants me to get it, but my school doesn't offer it and I don't have a gp or anything. :P

Kimberly said...

I hate the flu shot in general. The first year I actually got the flu shot, I somehow got mono. I didn't get it for 7 years after that until I was pregnant. I have received the flu shot the past 3 years. It just scares me because there isn't a lot of research out there about it right now. How much are they testing this vaccine? Will we have to get it every year?

They are already closing schools in Knoxville, well, Alcoa actually.

I'm going to read some of the previous posters links.

Good topic!

And they are already giving out flu shot vaccines here! It's a month early!

Maggie said...

We will not be getting it. Other than the fact that it's new and the potential side effects are unknown I really don't like giving any vaccines to my kids. Our bodies were made to heal themselves and we shouldn't interfere with that. I think H1N1 is like any illness - catch it early and treat it.

Jon and Melissa said...

I think it is interesting that countries overseas and the makers are refusing it...Healthcare workers even. HMM! What does that say? I work at a childrens hospital and there is no way I would inject my body w/ it nor my kids.


Too many risks. I put my trust in Jesus and the person who made the body will heal the body. Plus the fact there is good ol mercury in it turns me off too.

It is the flu and people are freaking out. If media would stop the craziness then people would not be freaking out.

If peaople take care of their bodies (God's tmple), eat right, take supps, wash hands I think we will survive.