Tuesday, August 25, 2009

can you hear me now??

This weekend I went into false labor. Discussions of bumping up my c section, putting me on bedrest, dilation, so on and so forth went on. And I became impatient. I either wanted to have a baby NOW or wait two more weeks, but hated the limbo of being in between and just not knowing. To top it off my parents are leaving town tomorrow until Sunday and my Dr. is leaving town Thursday until Sunday. I have declared that I am doomed to have this baby while some of the most important people to me are not going to be here.

Fast forward to tonight. Sass and I went to dinner at my mom and dad's while Bubbie and Super Dad went to T ball. We got home late so I quickly threw her into the shower and brushed her teeth and was ready to rush through our Bible story. I asked her which devotional she wanted to read out of and she picked her God's Little Princess Devotional Bible. I really wasn't in the mood and was just wanting to rush through it. I hastily flipped through and just landed on a story and started reading. Ha! God had picked that story for me! That's when God said "can you hear me now"?

The story was from Luke 1. It was about Zechariah and Elizabeth and how they wanted to have a baby but were to old. Zechariah didn't believe and lost his ability to speak but Elizabeth rejoiced it to all. They obey God and named the baby John and God gave Zechariah his voice back. John later became known as the famous prophet John the Baptist.

Following the story was the "lesson". Um... can you hear me now???? Here is what it said (taken directly from the devotional):

"Do you have a hard time waiting for good things? God has his own schedule, and we need to follow it. When you find yourself in a hurry to get your own way, ask God to forgive you. Ask him for patience to wait on him. God's timing is always perfect and brings the greatest blessing."

Uh, yeah.... can you hear me now?

It amazes me that I can be too busy to spend time with God and yet He will still find a way for me to hear him. Tonight He did it through my 2 year old's devotional.

Yes God.... I hear you now!

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The Harris Girls said...

good lesson for us all! Thanks Sass!!

GranolaMom4God said...

Wow. I am constantly amazed how God uses our kids to teach us things.

Leah said...

Something to think about! Thanks!