Tuesday, August 4, 2009

and soon there will be three

We have officially hit the count down. I'm down to five weeks and can't believe I will have three babies under 5 in my home before you know it. I am so stinkin' anxious to have this baby. I am officially dying to know who he or she is! I don't know that my tummy can physically get any larger with out popping. And these little guys above are so ready to meet their brother or sister.

Faith and trust have been the lessons that I have learned this pregnancy. With Sass, I learned a lot about faith and trust do to my blood clot and the chance of her not making it for so long. Also, when your are flat on your back for weeks on end, God has time to teach you a lot! But I also had earthly comfort in having a million dr's visits and ultrasounds through out her pregnancy. So while I had to trust God like I never did before, He sent me constant reassurance through these visits.

This pregnancy has been fairly uneventful. Sure I puked on a regular basis for the first 20 some odd weeks, I have horrible heartburn now and am fairly uncomfortable in the dead heat of summer here in the hot south, but those are normal pregnancy discomforts. I don't see my OB weekly (well, I'm starting to, but again, under normal circumstances). I haven't rushed to the Women's Center numerous times thinking for sure I finally lost the baby. No hospital admittances. It's been fairly easy, yet I have had to trust more than ever because the earthly comforts of extra dr. attention isn't there.

Over the past year I know of/ am friends with three people who have lost babies at term for no reason. This is a HUGE fear for me. Another lost their two year old. Totally out of their control, everything was fine and then it wasn't. WOW. God if I could ask you to explain something to me, that would be high up on the list.

I am not a good scripture memorizer. It's not my gift, but song sticks with me. I can hear a praise song once or twice and then be in a situation at a totally different time and verses from a song will flood me. I figure if the song is full of scripture than surely that's a close second best to memorizing the actual scripture. I actually want to go get a c.d. my friend Alison told me about called Songs for Saplings, because I can already see that Sass learns through music like I do, so instead of her memorizing the wheels on the bus, why not have her singing truth!

The Lord has sent me songs as comfort this time. Casting Crown's Praise You in this Storm is one I find myself singing often. The chorus is Psalm 121:1,2:

I lift my eyes onto the hills
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth

I also find myself singing a good ole praise song we sang in college ministry all the time:

My Life is in You Lord
My Strength is in You Lord
My Hope Is in You Lord
It's in You, It's in You

So 5 more weeks of trusting and hoping and having faith until our newest little one has arrived and then there will be three. And who am I kidding..... that's when trust and faith will have to kick in like never before.

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GranolaMom4God said...

YAhoo! You are getting close! Check out Memory Cross for scripture memory! I have a link on my blog, I think. I really struggle--but that makes it fun for the kids and I. Congrats on the being this close to meeting your little one. And let me welcome you early to the ranks of 3 kids under 5! I will be leaving those rankings in a matter of days! See ya later new green friend!

GranolaMom4God said...

Oh, I love this song by Casting Crowns! Now it is running through my head! Great way to start the day! THanks!

Alison said...

I just can't wait for that little one to come too! I am praying for all the faith and trust you need, friend. Love you!

LeeAnne said...

I LOVE "Praise You in the Storm" ... it has ministered to me during some difficult times. I remember your complications with G, but I didn't realize you'd had a blood clot -- I was on daily injections when I was pg with Maggie to prevent clots! I'm glad this pg has been so much easier, medically-speaking, anyway. Can't wait to meet your new cutie!!! :)

Lu said...

I can totally relate to this post. My first two were very scary pregnancies and eventful and then this one has been- praise the Lord- just normal! This pregnancy has also been the one that I've worried more about miscarriage.... not sure why, probably because those around me have had quite a few or so many women can't get pregnant. Sending prayers your way for a wonderfully, uneventful last 5 weeks!!!

Ashley said...

I just came across your blog and it gave me chills reading it. I remember feeling very fearful during pregnancy, but our baby was more than fine when she came into this world. I too have many friends who have lost babies, and there's no explanation for it. I just have to trust that God still cares. :0) And, I know He does. Sounds like you do, too.
Many blessings on the remainder of your pregnancy and on your precious family. :0)