Thursday, July 16, 2009

try gDiapers for only $40!! ...wait, what's a gDiaper?

What's a gDiaper you say? It's a hybrid between a disposable diaper and a cloth diaper. The outside is cloth but the insert is flushable. There's no plastic to throw into our landfills.

Did you know a normal diaper takes 500 YEARS to decompose. Just one diaper! How crazy is that. The great thing about the gDiapers flushable inserts in you can trash them if your potties won't support the flushing and they will still decompose way faster than a traditional sposie. And if you are into composting, you can even compost them! YAY!

Are you curious now? If so and you want to try them out I have a great coupon code for you! Use the code g1378swanson and you can get the everyday g's 6 pack for only $40!! This is a huge steal considering just one cover is normally $18.99. You can use the code as many times as you want too and order up to 10 packs per order. I actually ordered smalls and mediums with this deal because I know when I need my bigger covers the deal will be over. This makes a great baby shower gift for anyone you know that might not want to go the disposable diaper route! Stock up now though because this deal ends on July 31st!

And for you veteran cloth mamas... if you aren't digging a disposable insert, gDiapers did just come out with gCloth!! You can also tri fold a prefold and lay it inside your gDiaper. That is what I am going to do at first!

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Anonymous said...

gCloth?! FINALLY! I've tried and did enjoy gDiapers but only ever used them with some momma-made cloth inserts for them. Glad they finally are carrying cloth inserts for them. Good deal too!

Erin said...

I use them with prefolds- they work great, even overnight.