Friday, July 17, 2009

some people can choose just one

I'm not one of them! I love trying all kinds of diapers. My favorites change on a regular basis. Since Sass only wears diapers to sleep now, there is a lot of new things to try since she was in full time cloth. Here are some of the diapers I am currently drooling over!

Smarti Pants

These are a brand new one size diapers. I have heard great things about them. They are the most affordable one size diaper I have seen around. The feature that sounds the coolest to me about these is that you don't have to unstuff them before throwing them in your diaper pail. Apparently the pocket is open at both ends and will release the insert in the wash! Pretty cool! Their special for $36.95 is only for 11 more days, so I may cave and order before then!

Kissaluv Marvel Fitteds

These new fitteds from Kissaluv are just too stinkin' cute! I don't really need them, but I want to try one! I feel like I can justify buying fitteds more when they are one size like this one because Sass can sleep in them now and the baby can wear them from birth to potty training! Kelly's Closet has free shipping right now too on orders over $29 when you use the code FACE68. Code expires on 7.19.09! Click here to visit Kelly's Closet

I just ordered a Thirsties Duo Wrap from Nell's Natural Baby. I ordered a meadow green one, so cute! I can't wait for it to come in! These covers are suppose to be as great as a regular Thirsties cover but even better because you can expand the size! I ordered a small and will be interested to see if Sass will squeeze into it at 23lbs. I'll let you know! If you want to order from Nell's click here:
Click here to visit Nell's Natural Baby.

Lastly, I want to get some gcloth to try in my gDiapers. I am hoping to order some of these before the baby is born. Unfortunately, the great coupon code that I have doesn't apply to these. It only applies to the everyday G's 6 pack, but is still a great deal. Use g1378swanson if you want to order those. As I get other good codes I will be sure to post them!

What are you wanting to try out? Is there something I haven't listed that I need to explore? Leave me a comment and fill me in on your faves!

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Anonymous said...

Why when I'm really over diapers - I just want to be done - when I see something new and neat I still feel like I have to try it? Not that I give into these impulses anymore, but they are still there. *L* So many neat new things.

greenkiddo said...

it's so tempting isn't it!

Anne said...

I got the Thirsties Duo in the larger size for my two. I don't think the smaller size would have any chance of fitting my 25 lb toddler. She's wearing a 5 in most sposies now. I figured she could wear the Duo now, maybe, and then he could wear it. The Thirsties Small covers have fit him for a lot longer than I thought they would. At first I used them with fitteds and pulled the tabs in a lot, and kept the XS for prefolds. Now the XS just barely covers a PF and the S is a much better fit. I've been pleasantly surprised by the amount of time the S has worked for us.

I recently got some Blueberry OS pocket diapers from their outlet store and love the velcro on Nate! I haven't tried the snap on him yet. The smallest setting has too low of a rise for him at 2.5 months, and the legs fit him just fine on the medium setting. My BG 2.0s are still kind of gappy on the legs on the small setting so we'd been sticking to Haute Pockets OS when we do pocket diapers. Pink and purple don't look as silly on him as I'd thought they would, and we have other colors for outside the house ;)