Saturday, June 20, 2009

we love you super dad!

This weekend we aren't only celebrating Father's Day for Super Dad, but also it will be 7 years ago that I married this super guy! So what makes Super Dad so super??? Lots of things actually!!

This sweet guy swept me off my feet just 8 years ago... yup that's right... we were only dating about 6 months before we were engaged!! We were then engaged for 10 months and then had the wedding of my dreams! It was so fun! I always say that if I could redo a day just to experience it again, my wedding would be at the top of the list. We had a blast!

Just over 2 years later Bubbie was born and my sweet hubby became a dad. I can't tell you what a great husband and dad he is. I have never met a guy more concerned or in love with his kids. His first thought is always for them and I love that about him. He works so hard so I can stay home and raise our children. He loves the Lord and is instilling his love for Jesus in our children. He changes diapers (even cloth ones!), fixes meals, gives baths and reads bedtime stories! He's quick to tell me "you go rest, I'll take care of them". He's super fun and adventurous and loves to play with his kids!

We are different in our ways, that's for sure. I'm social and always on the go. He would rather stay home and just play with the kids. He loves sports, tennis and mountain biking to be specific. He is super strong. He loves running and working out. He sets such a good example to our kids of what healthy living should look like. He is anything but sedentary!

It's been so fun to watch him grow as a dad. Motherhood was a natural transition for me. I grew up playing with babies, baby sitting, then started teaching school. Having kids to me was like breathing, of course it was the next step after marriage. But he's a guy! I don't think he had ever changed a diaper until Bubbie was born. But you would never know that now! He knows all about car seats and cloth diapers, and pureeing baby food! He can even put hair bows in! He builds legos and plays dolls. He jumped right in and figured it out and is super involved in our kids lives.... this is such a blessing to me!

So this weekend I'm thankful. I'm thankful that the Lord blessed me with a loving and caring husband. I'm thank that the Lord has made him a father soon to be three times over. I'm thankful that we are a priority in his life and that he loves us so much!

Super Dad we love you!! Happy Father's Day and Happy Anniversary!!

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Alison said...

You're a lucky girl! Happy Daddy's Day, Matt! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekennd!

The Harris Girls said...

very sweet!

Kelly said...

How sweet!!! I love your blog. I am Amber Harris' TN friend. How did you make that pic collage? Very cool.

Danielle said...

We should all be so lucky. Bless you and your family on the arrival of your next bundle of joy and congrats on such a wonderful husband and daddy.

Ashlee said...

Awwww....and he's lucky too! Happy Anniversary!