Thursday, June 25, 2009

great deal!! 6 gdiaper covers and liners for $40!!

Are you familiar with gdiapers?? These are great if you are curious about cloth but not sure you want to jump right in. Gdiapers are a cloth shell with a biodegradable insert. The insert can be flushed, composted, or tossed if needed because there is no plastic in them and they will break down quickly.

I have wanted to try gdiapers for years now. They are what first got me curious about cloth, but the cost of the refills always scared me away. Well, now the lovely friends at gdiapers have come out with gcloth, a cloth insert that can be washed and reused. I love the idea of using a cloth insert at home and a biodegradable one when out and about. That makes the whole concept much more affordable.

You know what else makes it more affordable.... this great code for $30 off! I am now a "gmum" and have the code g1378swanson which gets you the everday g's six pack for $40!!! This is a great savings because the 6 pack normally retails for $70!! I just ordered it to try g diapers out with new baby. The pack comes with 3 vanilla bean covers and 3 great orange covers, 6 liners, a swish stick and a guide explaining how to use them. Each cover normally retails fro $16.99 so this is an incredible deal! And apparently you can use your prefolds in a trifold inside the diapers too!

I am so excited to give gdiapers a try. They have some great resources on their site, so if you are curious but want more info on their diapers, click here. Oh and I've been told that you can best deals on refills at or with their $10 off coupons.

ETA: I misread the deal a little.... it comes with 6 covers and 6 snap in liners (not inserts, I wasn't aware that those were different!), you still have to purchase your inserts, either cloth or flushable. I think I'm going to order some cloth ones to try at first!

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Katie said...

Yay! Thanks Steph.

Alison said...

that is a good deal! I wonder if the covers work with regular old cloth inserts too?

greenkiddo said...


from what I have heard the answer is yes.... but you have to lay a thin piece of fleece over the microfiber to protect baby's skin!