Tuesday, June 9, 2009

goodmama diapers - am I totally missing out on something

OK, so I know they are stinking cute. And I know that they use sustainable organic materials. But really am I totally missing out on a great cloth diapering experience because I don't own at least one of these??

I am so tempted to order at least one to try but just can't get over the price tag on these ($33 a diaper). I did see they have a bargain section where the diapers run about $24 a piece, but still more than I have ever spent on a fitted. I also like the solids which run $29 a piece.

Here are my reasons why I want to try one (aka, how I'm justifying the purchase)
1- They are one size diapers. Sass could use them at nap times now and new baby would be able to wear them from birth to potty training as long as I ordered gender neutral ( I really love the orange solid cotton).
2- I could do a write up about them on my blog and call it an "expense".
3- They have a great work ethic. You can read more about that here.
4- They are American made.
5- I currently am buying fitteds for my new baby at $10 a diaper, but they are sized, which means I will have to buy numerous sizes so would the cost even out??

I know myself and once I get curious about something like this I won't be able to resist for long, so fill me in. Do you own a Goodmama? Do you love it? Was it a good investment? Do you prefer one version over another?

Tell me why I should cave and order one! Should I be really bad and order two.... one for me and one for a giveaway?? Hmmm.... now you've got me thinking and you haven't even commented yet.

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Morgan said...

If you do order one I want to hear about it. I've been wondering the same thing!

Anonymous said...

Goodmamas make up our entire stash. Our daughter has been wearing them from 2 months to her current 13 months. With her sensitive skin we can't use covers except at night and PUL is our enemy in the summer and even during the winter. And with another baby on the way we don't even need to buy anymore diapers. Did you know they're even going to come out with newborn diapers?!

I LOVE them. The ladies of Goodmama are sweet and wonderful who are very involved with their customers. They listen to what we like and don't like and lust after and do their very best to give us the diapers we can't live without.

You should buy an obv print for yourself, one to give away, and a c/p solid.