Tuesday, June 30, 2009

do you play with your food?

Bubbie has recently taken an interest in cooking. I had purchased the Kids in the Kitchen cookbook a few months ago and he loves to look at it and pick out things to make.. If you aren't familiar with Kids in the Kitchen, I highly recommend their site! It's a great program put on by the Junior League all over the country. Yesterday, when I was preparing lunch he wanted to make "spider" sandwiches. I wasn't sure exactly what he was talking about until he pulled out the Kids in the Kitchen cookbook. I was already making peanut butter and honey sandwiches so I thought, sure, this will be easy! And it was! He did most of it himself.

I quickly remembered my sandwich sealer that I had bought from Pampered Chef years ago. I hadn't ever really tried it out. Well I'm glad I did! We will be using this again! It works to make your sandwiches just like those uncrustables at the store. I let him spread the peanut butter and squirt the honey. Then he assisted me in cutting the sandwich with the sealer ( I did have to flip it over and cut from both sides). I then just gave him some pretzel sticks and Crasins on his plate and let him have at it! I think his sandwich came out soooo cute, don't you?!

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Amber said...

love it! and the sandwich sealer! fun!

Steph said...

Such a great idea! We use cookie cutters but I like that!!

Leah said...

my food tip: my daughter will eat just about anything if i give her a toothpick!