Thursday, May 28, 2009

this is why I'm stalking my ups man tomorrow...

I convinced Super Dad that with the new baby coming and Sass, well being sassy.... a new stroller was in order. I didn't actually know that I wanted or needed a new stroller until my friend sent me a link to this awesome deal on this Phil and Ted's stroller at Unfortunately, I just went on there and they must have sold out of them, because it's no longer listed under strollers.

Anyway, so this deal was incredible, so much that I had to figure out a way to make this work! I have always thought these strollers were really cool and come September I will have 3 kids under 4 so a good stroller surely was needed. Besides, by the third kid you don't get to get any new stuff so surely that made it a good reason. Now Super Dad and I do work hard to live within our means, so splurging on an unneeded but much wanted stroller not only had to be justified but also had to be paid for some how. Since I stay at home, I feel bad that I can't financially contribute to purchases like this so I told Super Dad that I would like to try and sell my current double stroller and double jogger to help contribute. I liked that this stroller could be used as both, so not only was I contributing, I was also helping clean out our garage! I put in my FB status that I was selling both and sold them both to a friend the next morning! I was so excited and even more excited to be able to bless my friend with a great deal on two strollers when she was in need of them!

So back to me stalking our UPS man.... the stroller is suppose to come tomorrow... I keep checking the tracking number to make sure it's still on it's way.... according to UPS it is.... I'm so excited!!


In other Green Kiddos Family news.... new baby has a check up tomorrow. I will be 24 weeks this weekend, and I don't think anything too exciting will be happening at tomorrow's appointment. Of course there will be the dreaded weigh in.... if only new baby didn't like chocolate so much.... wanna guess how much weight I've gained so far, if so be nice!!

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Jon and Melissa said...

I have friend's in CA that have this stroller and love it...That is cool Costco has it. the stroller is an investment but it is the coolest stroller out there
IMO...Has a great resell value when you are done with it too.

greenkiddo said...

it was a huge steal, more than half the retail cost! I guess this is why they are sold out already!