Tuesday, October 14, 2008

smashies, mmm mmm good

Our sweet friends at Smashies sent my two little ones some samples of Smashies Organic Squeezable fruit to taste test and let me tell you, they were a big hit in our house.

Smashies come in a neat little squeezable container that your little one can squeeze applesauce right into their mouth. This is a super invention for my 18 month old because she loves applesauce but isn't so good at keeping it on the spoon yet. I loved that I could give it to her and let her eat it up, with out bathing in it. I acutally prepared my entire dinner one night while she slurped her applesauce right down.

Snappy Apple is the only flavor they have out right now, but they are promising three more by the end of this year and three more by next summer. I will definitly be on the look out. These handy little guys make a great, healthy and organic diaper bag snack, something that is not easy to find! You can currently purchase Smashies online by clicking here and be on the lookout because they are coming to stores near to you soon!

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Mommy Mia said...

These sound really great! I have a 20 month old that has not mastered the spoon yet either!!
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Amber said...

These look fantastic!

Amy H said...

the concept is good however i wonder about the packaging... is it recyclable? I have (more or less) put a ban on juice boxes for this reason :(

Katie said...

Ooohh....Hadley has hit the jackpot! And I don't even have to clean up! Woohoo! Thanks Steph!