Monday, October 20, 2008

marvelous menu monday

I am all about meal planning to conserve food and save money, so I am going to post my menu every Monday. Let me know in the comments if you want any of the recipes and feel free to share your menu!

Sunday- Chili and cornbread
Monday- Peachy Pork Picante and brown rice
Tuesday- Leftovers- mama's going to the movies!
Wednesday- Spaghetti and salad and homemade bread
Thursday- chicken pot pie
Friday- Family Movie night- hot dogs (nitrate free), tater tots and baked beans

what are you eatin' this week??

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Amy H. said...

so far:

Tuesday night (tonight): homemade pizza starring chicken breast marinated in Annie's Naturals Roasted Red Pepper Vinagrette (yum!) and assorted veggies

Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat: (will swap out depending on my mood)
1. Channa Masala (a chickpea curry) & basmati rice
2. whole wheat pasta and sauce w/ garlic bread and salad
3. Slow cooker taco /black bean soup w/ tortilla chips (*recipe on my website)
4. Curried chicken meatballs with Squash, Apples and couscous (*recipe on my website)

plus one of the nights that i am not doing a slowcooker thing for dinner, i will use it to make a peach cobbler for desert... I also hope to make a batch of apple butter and either cookies or cake for my older son's snack day/bday at preschool....

LOL... i had better get to work!!

charlie&gracie said...

ohhh amy, great menu! Will you share your site with us??!!

Amy H. said...

sure! (wiping leftover pizza crumbs from face)

I am

clicking my name at the top of my comment will also bring you to my site (just in case the link in the comment section doesnt work for some reason)

Disclaimer: i have a Halloween theme on my site right now and its kinda hard to read on, but i hope to have a minute later to change it out... till then, enjoy the little aliens lol