Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So I know I have been totally MIA these past few weeks. Here is what has happened: first we went to the beach for a week. Then I got back to immediately start having to teach VBS for a week with my kids. That was last week, which during that time, my hard drive on my Mac crashed ( I thought Macs weren't suppose to crash). Anyway, my incredible husband has gotten the mac running well enough for me to post, but I have lost everything. So, this morning, being the sweet man he is, he ordered me a flamingo pink dell! I am super excited that i will have a pink computer but totally bummed that I will no longer be a Mac girl. My husband is a total PC man and now that I have been through two Mac laptops in less than 5 years, he is over it and wants me on something he knows how to fix, so bear with me as I am learning. Hopefully my new laptop will be here this week and I will get back on to regular posting. Please don't leave me! I promise more green info coming soon! (teaser..... I have a GREAT tip that I learned at the beach!!)

PS. Does anyone else feel like when one thing in your life breaks so does everything else. We have had to get so much new stuff lately due to things breaking it's ridiculous!!! Oh well! Good thing we store our treasures in heaven!

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Amber said...

Amen to the last line! Great to know you're back on line!