Friday, May 30, 2008

a really cute green shop

I just found this site while playing online this morning. It's super cute and has a great selection of natural/green products! Hmm.... what should I order?

What would you order?

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Amber said...

I know these ladies, too! We post on the Merchant Mom's forum all the time. I'm going to go post a link to your blog on the forum, now!

Maison Green said...

Good find! I ordered a bunch of goodies from them! I got the Bummies Diapering Kit, some Bum Genious AIO's, Organic Baby legs and a few other little things. I'll be getting more from her as well. Customer service is A++! I have my own Eco Boutique but she carries lot's of goodies that I don't have and the prices are very reasonable.

The Eco Mama :-) with baby #2 due in 6 weeks and counting down...
Maison Green