Thursday, May 8, 2008

happy mother's day to me - an ode to my steam mop

My sweet husband had our children all day Saturday while I was running to a baby shower and then a bridal shower. He, being braver the I, took the kids out shopping and made two great purchases for me for no reason, but I have told them that I am happy to accept them as my Mother's Day gifts. (Aren't I nice to let him off the hook so easily!!)

The first purchase he made is my new favorite cleaning too, um I mean my only favorite cleaning tool. He bought me the Shark Steam Mop because I am constantly freaking out about Gracie crawling all over our large, dirty kitchen floor. I hate mopping. I can't find a good way to do it with out feeling like I am dragging dirty water all over the floor. Well the Steam Mop has saved the day! This thing is AWESOME! You just put some water in the chamber and as you mop, you kind of pump the handle and tons of steam comes out and cleans your floor. It comes with two microfiber pads that detach and can be washed in the washing machine. You floor dries really quickly too! I was appalled by how dirty our floors really were! This thing is so easy to use, I mopped our entire kitchen this morning while my kids were at the table eating breakfast (if you have seen my kitchen before, than you understand that I have a lot of tile to mop!). It was done and dry before they were done eating! (Ha! Now I sound like an infomercial!).

Now, you may be wondering why this is a "green" product. Well, the reason I love this is there is no solution to put in the machine. Since it steam cleans, you are just cleaning your floor with super hot water, aka steam! I love that I don't have to worry about my 13 month old eating crumbs off a chemically cleaned floor (not that she would ever eat off the floor or anything....). I just used the second microfiber cover to mop my three bathrooms and they look great. Plus, since we try not to wear shoes in our house, I can really tell a difference walking barefoot on the floor. It feels so much cleaner, no residues.

Coming tomorrow.... my other Mother's Day present!

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Amber said...

This looks great! I hate it when I wear my socks in the kitchen and I look at them and I can see how dirty they got!!

I mop my floor with hot vinegar water and my old mop...DH hates the way the house smells when I do it!

How thoughtful Matt was!

Katie said...

You are the second person who has RAVED about this steam mop and now I'm afraid I may have to get one too. I've been complaining about our hardwoods since we moved into this house. I hate the way chemicals make it feel sticky when I use my mop so this would be perfect & "green." Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Morgan said...

Wow, I also hate to mop. We usually don't do anything in between when the housecleaner comes. (Which is not very often.) How gross is that? I need to get one, especially before Silas starts crawling!

LeeAnne said...

I've seen that steam mop and wondered if it was worth it. I love that it's chemical-free since it just uses water, and I love that the pads can be washed and reused. I'll have to check to see if it can be used on our floor type ... we have Pergo.