Thursday, March 27, 2008

recycle your crocs

Unless you have been living under a rock, at least one person you live with or know owns a pair of Crocs. Well I discovered the coolest thing today! We were shopping at Learning Express this afternoon and when we were entering I noticed a sign on their door that said "Recycle your Crocs here!". I asked the girl at the register about it, and she said they donate them through a company called "Soles United". Well after reading Soles United's website, I am now even more excited to recycle my Crocs. Soles United not only recycles them, but turns them into shoes and donates them around the world! What a cool concept! They have already donated over a million pairs of Crocs! You can find a participating retailer near you by clicking here.

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Amber said...

I actually don't own a pair of crocs...shocking I know, but I'd like to check out this toy store. Saw that there are at least 3 really near me.

charlie&gracie said...

the one closets too us is at the avenues west cobb. Very cool store!

lewister said...

Isn't it just the coolest thing that they're doing that with the Crocs? I love it! And I love that they have been doing it for 18 months without much fanfare. Makes me feel just a little less guilty for wanting a new pair!