Monday, March 17, 2008

my favorite bib- the bibbity from kiddopotamus

Finding the perfect bib is not an easy task, but I think I might have done it. There are so many reasons I love this bib. First off, its the only one I have found that Houdini, um, I mean, Gracie, can't get off. Secondly, the pocket actually catches stuff, so well that Gracie has taught herself if there is no food on the table to check the pocket and she will just eat out of it! Now for the "green" reasons I love this bib, it is latex, Phthalate,PVC free and BPA free. It's also made in the USA. Oh and I forgot to mention that I love the fact that it wipes up very easily and rolls right up to not take up much space in the diaper bag!! Oh bibbity, how I love thee!

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Amber said...

I know Kaelin would eat out of the "tray" area...less waste!

Amy said...

So Im WAY late on this but I just found your blog. I am 30 yrs old and expecting my first baby in August. My mom just gave me this same style of bib that I used when I was little. Its harder material and doesn't roll but she swears by the scoop. Funny how things come back around!