Friday, January 11, 2008

where the dirty diapers go......

So one of the things people are always intrigued about when they find out I use cloth diapers, is what I do with the dirty diapers when we are out and about. There is a very simple solution to this and its called a wet bag (not the best name, but a great product!). Anyway, a wet bag essentially is a small bag you stick inside your diaper bag to put dirty diapers in and it has a waterproof lining. They come in different sizes, so depending on how long you would be out, you would choose your bag accordingly. Once I discovered these, I knew only a cute one would do, so I was on a hunt. I discovered this awesome girl named Sam, from My Beautiful Girl,who makes cloth wipes and wet bags on hyena cart. Her bags are the best! Great fabric, wash awesome, super cute! I have three bags by her now, small, medium and large. These have come in great use to me for things other than cloth diapers too. I use our large one when we travel to put all of our shampoos, lotions etc in. I like to keep one in my diaper bag for wet clothes in case of a potty accident. I love having one in our swimming lesson bag for the wet suit! So even if you don't cloth diaper, there are great uses for her bags. I have nothing but raves for My Beautiful Girl and for Sam! She is super sweet to work with and I will definitely order from her again (her wipes deserve a post of their own!).

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