Saturday, January 5, 2008

let's talk about "fluff"

When Sass was around four months olds, I starting exploring the world of cloth diapering. I was curious about it with Bubbie too, but being a first time mom, too scared to jump out of my comfort zone.

So away I went researching cloth diapers. I discovered this great intro to cloth diapering trial kit at a website called Jillan's Drawers. They have an awesome trial program that lets you try all the different cloth diapers. Cloth, otherwise known as "fluff" has come a long way since folding and pins! This great service Jillan's Drawers offers allows you to put down a $100 deposit and then try everything for three weeks. If you don't like it return it all and lose just $10. If you do you can keep everything or just return the things you aren't fond of for credit towards other new diapers.

So here is the breakdown. There are basically three types of diapers (well four I guess) available now.

AIO's- These are all in ones. The most like your disposable diaper. They either snap or velcro. Use it once and then throw it into your diaper pail. The downside to these is they take longer to dry. To not defeat my enviromental causes, I dry them one cycle and then hang them in my laundry room.
Pockets These are the second easiest. They are just like an AIO except instead of the stuffing being sewed in, there is a pocket opening and you put your own insert in which is usually made of microfiber, hemp or a combo of both. Because you can pull the insert out these dry quicker. Also, people like them because you can stuff them as much as your baby needs to stay dry. (ie. I use more stuffings at night then in the day).
Fitted and Covers A fitted is a very trim diaper that is not water proof, so it needs a cover. The main reason I like these is because I have some very cute covers. You can use the same cover all day long and just change the fitted diaper underneath.
Prefolds and Covers This is the most economical way to cloth diaper but also my least favorite. Fitteds are more like your traditional cloth diaper that requires a water proof cover. The main reason I don't like these is that they are very trim for under clothes. They do hold newborn poop really well though! And the great thing is there is no need for pins now that there is a new invention called the Snappi!

I will do some individual posts on what my favorites brands are of each type of diaper another day, but for now here are a few fluffy photos of my sweetest girl! Seriously, did you think cloth could be so cute!!




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Anonymous said...

I love pokadots, where did you get the polkadot diapers?

Green Living Tips said...

Cool looking diapers. Switching to cloth diapers is definitely more work, but very worth the effort. Great post.