Saturday, May 30, 2009

beach reads

This morning we are headed to the beach, so my posting my be hit or miss for a few days. I don't get to read a lot through out the year but I read as much as I can at the beach. We go with our whole family; Mimi, Pop, Aunt K and Uncle J and my bunch (though our beach group is growing by 2 more next summer!). With the extra help, I read as much as I possibly can. Also, I do put up a dvd player in our car for these special long trips. My kids love that they can watch a "show" in the van and by doing it only a few times a year there is some major novelty in it, and it allows me to usually read a book between home and the beach!

Here are some reads that I have picked out for the beach:

I love, love, love Jodi Picoult books! My Sisters Keeper and The Pact are probably two of my favorite books ever, so I have two new ones to read by her. I also brought my two faves to share with my mother and sister in law as they have never read her books. I'm excited to delve into these two and see if they are as good!

Of course I'm still in the process of reading this:

And of course I always travel with my Bible, hopeful for some devotional/ journaling time!

Now I just need to go and finish packing so we can hit the road!

OH! And I forgot!! The stroller made it in time!!! Super Dad was well super last night and put it together before we went to bed! I'm so excited!!!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

spicy tomato basil pasta salad

Tonight the kiddos are with the grandparents. Super Dad and I are off for our monthly supper club with three other couples. We are going to see a Beatles cover band for that's playing the Friday Night Concert on the Square in our town. One couple is bringing some yummy fried chicken and biscuits and the rest of us are bringing sides. I made up this really tasty pasta salad this afternoon along with some turtle cookies for dessert!

Here's my "recipe" per se:

1lb whole wheat or whole grain pasta
3 diced Roma tomatoes ( or whatever summer tomatoes you have)
several basil leaves
Balsamic Vinaigrette
crush red pepper flake
powdered garlic

Boil your pasta. Drain and toss in a good drizzle of EVO then let it cool. Toss in your tomatoes and basil (I use kitchen shears to get nice thin cuts of basil). Dump as much of the balsamic vinaigrette into your pasta salad ( I like a lot!). Sprinkle with salt, pepper, red pepper flake (use this one sparingly!) and garlic powder. Viola! Yummy spicy tomato basil pasta salad!

This came out way better than I expected. I plan to make this a lot this summer, especially once my summer tomatoes have grown and I can pull them straight from the yard!

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and the winner is......


Congrats Danielle! You won the copy of Growing Up Green. Send me your address and I will get the book right out to you!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

this is why I'm stalking my ups man tomorrow...

I convinced Super Dad that with the new baby coming and Sass, well being sassy.... a new stroller was in order. I didn't actually know that I wanted or needed a new stroller until my friend sent me a link to this awesome deal on this Phil and Ted's stroller at Unfortunately, I just went on there and they must have sold out of them, because it's no longer listed under strollers.

Anyway, so this deal was incredible, so much that I had to figure out a way to make this work! I have always thought these strollers were really cool and come September I will have 3 kids under 4 so a good stroller surely was needed. Besides, by the third kid you don't get to get any new stuff so surely that made it a good reason. Now Super Dad and I do work hard to live within our means, so splurging on an unneeded but much wanted stroller not only had to be justified but also had to be paid for some how. Since I stay at home, I feel bad that I can't financially contribute to purchases like this so I told Super Dad that I would like to try and sell my current double stroller and double jogger to help contribute. I liked that this stroller could be used as both, so not only was I contributing, I was also helping clean out our garage! I put in my FB status that I was selling both and sold them both to a friend the next morning! I was so excited and even more excited to be able to bless my friend with a great deal on two strollers when she was in need of them!

So back to me stalking our UPS man.... the stroller is suppose to come tomorrow... I keep checking the tracking number to make sure it's still on it's way.... according to UPS it is.... I'm so excited!!


In other Green Kiddos Family news.... new baby has a check up tomorrow. I will be 24 weeks this weekend, and I don't think anything too exciting will be happening at tomorrow's appointment. Of course there will be the dreaded weigh in.... if only new baby didn't like chocolate so much.... wanna guess how much weight I've gained so far, if so be nice!!

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did you miss me??

The kiddos and I took off for two days to visit my in laws who were staying at this beautiful resort in Alabama for my father in laws work. So instead of blogging I've been hanging out here:

But you will get to hear more about that later. I need to get ready for my girlfriends who are coming over for Bunco tonight, so I won't have a chance to upload pictures from our getaway until later tonight or tomorrow.


On another note.... today is the LAST DAY to enter my Growing Up Green giveaway! Run now! Post it on FB, Twitter, your blog!! Leave one comment, leave a bunch, but don't miss out! I will be pulling a winner in the morning!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

win a copy of growing up green right here at greenkiddos

I'm super excited to present you with our first ever blog contest! I have been reading this book, Growing Up Green, and it is chock full of great information on raising your kids in a green home. Now I'm the first to admit that we are not the greenest family you will ever find, but I am working on changing one little thing at a time. Every little change you make makes a difference and I love reading and researching to find out what else we can do to improve our family's lifestyle.

I am so excited to present a copy of Growing Up Green to one of my readers, but I'm gonna have to make you come out of lurking to win it! Here's how you can win.....

1. Leave me a comment telling me what type of blog post you would like me to write or asking me a question about anything!

2. Follow me on twitter, leave me a comment letting me know or let me know that you are already following me on twitter with your twitter user name.

3. Subscribe or become a google follower of Green Kiddos, leave a comment and let me know (it still counts if you are already doing this, just let me know!)

4. Blog, twitter or face book about this contest and leave a link back to Green Kiddos, comment and let me know (leave your blog address too so I can read your blog!). You can do each of these separately so they will each count as a contest entry.Please leave links or user names !

5. Add my button to your blog (it's on the sidebar with the code), leave me a link to where it's posted in a comment!

You could have up to 7 entries if you do everything, but make sure you comment on each thing you did separately so all your entries count. The contest will close at 8 am EST on Friday 5/29/09. I will use a random number generator to pull a comment number and will post the winner on Friday! Oh, and if you don't have a blog, please make sure you leave me an email address to contact you in case you are the lucky winner!

It's time to unlurk!! Come on and introduce yourself readers! Can't wait to read all your comments!

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menu planning monday....

Just in case you were dying to know, there will be no Menu Planning Monday this week or next! We are busy with trips, the beach etc so there isn't a whole lot of cooking going on this week or next! So you will just have to fend for yourself.... of course, you are welcome to leave us a comment with your menu or link to your own Meal Planning Monday post!

Okay, come back tonight at 8pm to see our first ever blog giveaway!!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

win an apple cheeks diaper starter kit !!

Your Mama Reviews has another great giveaway going on! You can win a starter kit from Apple Cheeks Diapers! These diapers are new to the US and just recently available. I am a sucker for trying out new diapers so I thought I would pass this contest on to you! If I can't win it, I would love for one of my readers to so I can hear all about them! I love the colors of the Apple Cheek Diapers. So vibrant!! Hurry now and visit Your Mama Reviews to enter to win!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

my amazing experience this morning

I totally have to blog about this so I personally don't forget any of the details. Unfortunately, everything happened so quickly that I have no pictures of any of it. And I'm not really sure if it would have been appropriate for me to just whip out my camera, but more on that later!

So, last Sunday night it was really nice and cool out and we slept with our windows open. Well, Super Dad and I were awoken to some major hoopin' and hollerin' out side. People were clapping and cheering and having so much fun in our next door neighbor's back yard. We have met our neighbor several times, but really only know him from the "hey! how are you?" standing in our driveway type thing. Anyway, both Super Dad and I were so out of it being awoken from our deep sleep that the next morning I wasn't really sure it had all happened!

As the week progressed we would see more and more cars over at their house. Then one day I noticed a bunch of beautiful women sitting around the garage and preparing huge cases of vegetables, cleaning carrots and what not. (I'm a nosey neighbor, I was dying to know what was going on). I had pretty much decided that either someone was getting married or this was some sort of big holiday for their culture. I wasn't really sure what their culture was, but I knew they weren't good ole' southerners!

By mid week we received a note along with our other neighbors just asking us to please be understanding of the extra cars in the street this week because they were getting married this weekend and had lots of out of town company. So now nosey nellie knew what was up and I was excited because our neighbor seems like a really sweet guy.

Last night when we were getting home from dinner the streets were full of cars, so much that I had to wait for someone to move so I could pull in my driveway. For the first time this week I finally saw our sweet neighbor so I rolled my window down to congratulate him and he told me that his family was there doing wedding preperations and that he had lots of family in town from Ethiopia, how amazingly cool is that!! The women at his house were all busy busy making some beautiful flower arrangments.

Well, this morning the kiddos and I were upstairs getting ready for the day and I start hearing all this clapping and chanting again. I look out the window and their is a parade of 60 or more people coming down my street chanting and clapping, the men in suits and the women in these beautiful, gauzy dresses with gorgeous bead work on them! I grabbed the kids and hollered at Super Dad to come outside, I didn't care if they saw me, I had to see this!! How cool!

So Sass is on my hip and we are just in awe watching the festivities when the groom's sister comes over and takes me by hand and tells me to come and watch, that I couldn't miss the experience. Boy was she right! Bubbie wouldn't go because the men were very loud and he was a little nervous, so he and Super Dad watched from the driveway, but Sass and I went and it was amazing!

First as we are standing in the driveway, all the men are at the door with the groom beating on the front door. His sister tells me that this is tradition in Ethiopia, that the man has to fight to get in to see his bride, so on the other side of the door are all the bridesmaids and her family and every time he cracks the door open, they would slam it back shut!! She said this was to teach him to resist temptation! Then she grabs me by the hand and sneaks Sass and I through the garage, into the kitchen, past tons of family, all the way up until we are 5 feet from this gorgeous bride. The bride and her parents are sitting on the couch waiting on the groom. She tells me that in Ethiopia the man literally has to break the door down, but eventually they just let our sweet neighbor in! But then he had to work his way through this massive crowd and they were all chanting and singing and clapping. It was so loud and so cool and Sass and I watched in complete amazement.

He finally made his way to his bride and here is the best part. He hands her a bouquet of roses, then gets down on his knees and kisses her feet! Can you believe it??I just about died! Then he lifted her veil and gave her a kiss... this all meant it was time for him to take her to the church to be wed. Music was blaring at this point and everyone was celebrating. I graciously thanked his sister and snuck out because these people had a wedding to get to!

I am so thankful for getting to see such an incredible ritual to marriage. It was such a cool thing! I came home and my heart was racing with excitement as I filled Super Dad in to all the details of what I had just witnessed. I just wish I could have gotten atleast one picture. I can't even begin to describe what beautiful, kind people I met today. They did not see us as an intruder to their special day at all, but instead were so proud to share the heritage and tradition with us. I am blessed to have seen something so amazing!

When we got back home Sass ran right up to Super Dad and said " I saw the bwide... I saw the WHOLE thing daddy!". It was priceless!

Now I'm just wondering what will be instore for us tonight when the wedding is over and the celebrations are going strong.......

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Friday, May 22, 2009

farmers market on the square

Summer is almost here and the farmer's market has opened! I love that our little town has this great farmers market and am so excited to see how it has grown over the past few years. I am really hoping that it won't rain tomorrow morning so the SD, kiddos and I can hit the farmers market!

I love the idea of buying locally grown food. While buying organic as much as possible is so important for us, environmentally speaking, you help out so much more by buying local produce too. By doing this you cut down on pollution from packaging, shipping pollution and fuel use.Plus you support your community

My kids favorite place to stop is the honey booth. There is always one of those cool honey combs that's incased in plastic (I'm sure there is a technical name for this) and Bubbie loves to search for the queen bee. The both love to get a little tube of flavored honey to suck down too!

If you live in the area, the farmers market runs from 9-12 on Saturdays! I hope to see you there!

* all photos came from the Marietta Farmers Market Facebook page. Come be a fan!*

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

there's this boy that I know.....

And, how I love him so. Bubbie gets the short end of the stick with pictures, there is no denying it. He is the super busiest boy in town, so most pictures I get of him are usually of the back of his head! But yesterday, he so nicely obliged and gave me a few minutes of knock knock jokes where I got to snap away.

I can not believe this boy is 4 and 1/2 already. He seems so big and grown up, yet he still so little and innocent. His heart is pure gold! This boy is sweet and thoughtful yet active and athletic. A ball has always been his favorite toy (especially if a golf club goes with it). Yet as he is getting older I am loving seeing his creative side come out! He can build legos now for hours and is quite good at it. And he would let you read him Magic Tree House books for days if you would (we limit him to two chapters a night!).

Did I mention what a love bug he is? This boy adores his "baby"as he still calls her, even though she's two and tough! Sure they have their fighting moments, but he knows he's bigger and his job is to ultimately protect her. I love it! I love seeing him nurture and care for her. I love watching him teach her. I can't wait to see him as a big brother to two little bitties.

The best thing though about this boy is he loves Jesus! He won't let you skip his Bible stories at night and he asks great questions about everything. His recent interest is heaven. He wants to know if we will have bodies when we get there and if we will know each other. He was very concerned he wouldn't know us when we were all in heaven. Oh and another funny from him... when I asked him about the name Noah for "new baby", he told me we already knew a Noah. I asked who and he said "the one in the Bible!". So I explained to him that lots of people use the Bible to pick out baby names. He pondered this for a moment and then exclaimed "I have the perfect name for the baby...... Ezekiel!!". I loved it because Ezekiel is polar opposite from any name I would ever pick and he was so serious! Gracious this boy is cute!

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my new favorite hair clippies

I just got some new hair clippies in for Sass from Briar.Claire that I am absolutely in love with. As you can see, baby girl has some serious cow lick (do you spell that literally?) going on up front. We are attempting to grow her hair into a little bob but the front pieces are taking forever and need to always be pinned back. I am sure you haven't noticed (ha!), but we do a lot of big hair bows (it's the south, what can I say?), but I was wanting something different to try and these clippies are rockin' my world!

I discovered these clippies on one of my favorite blogs to read My Charming Kids.
Briar.Claire was having a fund raiser last week for Baby Stellan's favorite causes and I went to check it out and ordered a few to try. I am in love! I can't wait to go on and order more.

Sass was super excited to open up her mail and see what was inside. She immediately chose the green and yellow and asked me to put them in. I, of course, obliged. She was not quite as excited at nap time when I made her take them out. But she is not quite excited about a lot of things through out the day, hence "sass".

I am so excited to go peruse Briar.Claire some more and order some more clippies. Besides that these clips are ridiculously cute, I love that she make snap clips and not just alligator ones. Snap clips fit best in Sassy's hair and it's hard to find cute ones. I can't wait to make some piggy tails and clip these in!

ps. Please try and ignore the dirty face. We just had gotten home from the Square where Sassy had a blast digging in a small pile of dirt. Gotta love the color of some good ol' Georgia red clay!

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summer makeover

Super Dad worked hard and late the last two night cleaning up Green Kiddos and giving us a fresh new look for summer. What do you think?? Didn't he do a great job?! I tease him a lot about his geeky, techie skills... but deep down inside I'm impressed! He is super smart!

I am loving the header... if you refresh your page you will get a great surprise! Share your feedback. How do you like the new look? Is it loading faster for you now that the polka dots are gone??

Thanks honey! You're the best! I love my new look!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

rumparooz giveaway

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer
and Kelly's Closet are having another fluff friday giveaway! Here's what you could win:
1-Rumparooz One Size (aplix) lazy lime with 2 Rumparooz 6-r micro terry inserts (given by the manufacturer)
1-Rumparooz One Size (snap) with 1 Rumparooz 6-r micro terry insert (given by Kelly's Closet)

Check out THIS link to read all the rules!!

I have never tried these diapers before, but I would love to win some and try them out! I am all about trying out some new fluff!!

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cloth trainers vs. gerber training panties

I didn't cloth diaper Bubbie, so he was trained in Gerber training underware and pull ups. I started cloth diapering Sassie at 4 months. Now that we are potty training I have been using Gerber training pants with her too. They are just thicker underware. If she full fledge tinkles her legs get a little damp, but she is pretty good about as soon as she feels any wetness, stopping and telling me.

I have looked at cloth trainers on several of my favorite online diaper stores, but I just can't bring myself to bite the bullet and spend up to $14 or so on one pair of training pants when I can get three pair of the Gerber ones for about $6.

So fill me in! If you have used cloth trainers before what's the upside?? How are they different? I wish we had a local cloth diapering shop so I could go in and see some in person, but alas... we just aren't that green in the hot south!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

meal planning monday

Time to decide what you are eating this week......

Monday- Macaroni and Broccoli
We're actually having fettuccine noodles with broccoli, a little EVO and some Parmesan cheese. The kids will have some diced peaches with this.

Tuesday- Hot dogs, baked sweet potato fries, baked beans
We never got around to this over the weekend because we had lasagna instead. This is a kid favorite night in our house.

Wednesday- Grilled marinated chicken, brown rice, a veggie of some sort
I have a gazillion bottles of different flavored marinades because of my couponing obsession, so depending on what marinade I choose will depend on what I do for veggies.

Thursday- Make your own pita pizza night with a side salad.
I bought small whole wheat pizzas. I will let the kids choose their toppings. I have fresh tomatoes, green bell pepper, mushrooms, cheese, etc.

Friday- Macaroni and chick peas
I will post this recipe later this week, super easy, very yummy!

What are you eating this week?? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

big girl room

Super Dad and I worked very hard all afternoon today to set up Sassy's big girl room. It's not finished and I still need to buy bedding, but she insisted on sleeping in there tonight.... we'll see how that goes. Currently she is singing her meal time prayer song over the monitor!

I am absolutely in love with her big girl furniture. We found it at a local flea market. It is antique furniture that has been painted and distressed. You can't tell from the dresser picture, but it is painted the palest, seafoamy blue. The bed is in the softest, prettiest pink. I am on the hunt for the perfect shabby chic bedding to put on her bed and some fun accessories for her room! I also need to unhang and rehang everything on the walls of her nursery into her big girl room too!

Everyone in our home was excited to try out the new bed. I think actually daddy was exhausted from all the work I made him do today and the kids just wanted to play!

The day we found the furniture we were totally not out looking for it at all. I guess that's how flea markets go. I actually came back home, while Super Dad went back with the van to pick up the furniture. He came back with an extra surprise.... this adorable old school desk that is painted a very similar color to the dresser (neither of these pics do the color justice!). The school desk has the cutest cushion tied to it with big bows made from shabby chic fabric and pink buttons in the quilting! I will have to get a better pic when Sassy's not sitting in it!

Since Sass insisted on trying out her new bed tonight, we gathered up all her "friends" from her crib and snuggled her on in. I read her stories and tucked her in and told her not to get up with out mommy or daddy (ha! yeah right!). It was only a matter of minutes before I heard her up and shutting her door (we had gated the other side so she couldn't leave the room). A few attempts later and a couple of her favorite books to look at and she finally settled in. She has been up there singing songs and playing with her glow worm, but I think she is still in the bed.....

And believe it or not.... it's actually silent up there now!!

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