Wednesday, May 20, 2009

gro baby give away!!

I was told by a friend of a new diaper called Gro Baby. She steered me to their Facebook Page and told me they had a great contest going on right now, so I am here to share it with you! You can enter the contest by doing your own blog on Gro Baby. Check out their Facebook page for all the rules!

Apparently what makes this diaper unique is that you purchase a few shells and numerous soakers and just change out the dirty soaker unless the shell gets dirty too (similar to a Berry Plush it seems). What makes this diaper even better is that it is a one size diaper, so in theory you could purchase your soakers and shells in the begining and not have to purchase anything else again! I have never tried one of these but am totally intrigued by the idea!!

I love the idea that I could get double use out of these diapers by using them on my toddler and my newborn and I really love the idea of buying in bulk right up front and being set! I really hope to try one soon! Click HERE for more info from The Natural Baby Company. Click HERE to become a FaceBook Fan of Gro Baby.

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